Since its inception, Metropol Náuticas has opted for a vision and business mission focused on its customers and corporate social responsibility focused especially on the maintenance of the environment.
For this reason, we actively work on the recovery and recycling of all the products we use.
Through Cator® we regenerate all engine oils, lubricants, hydraulics, insulation systems, heat transmission, etc. What is regeneration? From the used oil and through a process of sequential distillation, contaminants are eliminated to obtain base oil for the manufacture of new lubricants, converting a waste into raw material.
Once a vessel or a piece has lost its useful life, we send it to deconstruct through the company Recumas®. The objective is the maximum recovery of all the components through the classification and conditioning of the materials for their subsequent recycling.
With the company Sircat® we perform the washing of our machinery so that it is always in optimal operation for the benefit of our customers. In addition, they also perform the removal and cleaning of reusable rags which allow to reduce the production of waste and converts the management of the rags into a sustainable cycle.
Any other material that we are not going to use more or have reached their final life cycle such as paper, cardboard, plastics, etc. It is sent to processing plants and recliclado through Recuperacions marcel Navarro i Fills.