Ranieri Sportfishing

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Ranieri Sport Fishing
The Ranieri Sportfishing range offers 6 different models with lengths between 5,65 m and 9,30 m. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
Ranieri CLF 22
Ranieri CLF 22
Do you like fishing? The Ranieri CLF 22 is your boat. Come to Metropol and we will show you without compromise.
From 29.950€ More info
Ranieri CLF 25
Ranieri CLF 25
For lovers of fishing and navigation.
From 47.200€ More info
Ranieri CLF 30
Ranieri CLF 30
If you love fishing and navigate, the Ranieri CLF 30 will provide the necessary comfort.
From 86.000€ More info
Ranieri Predator 222
Ranieri Predator 222
The perfect harmony between the intelligent use of space and sport fishing.
From 36.800€ More info
Ranieri Interceptor 222
Ranieri Interceptor 222
Conceived especially for fishing enthusiasts. Practical and functional.
From 33.500€ More info
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