Ranieri Voyager 18 S
Ranieri Voyager 21 S
Ranieri Voyager 19 S
Ranieri Voyager 19 S
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Ranieri Voyager 19 S

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Price from 16.110 

General characteristics

Total length
5.65 m
CE length
5.55 m
2.14 m
Fuel tank
105 l
Fresh water tank
40 l
Design category

Recommended engine

Yamaha F100DETL (100 CV/HP)

Price from
Taxes and transport fees not included
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In its standard version it is equipped with bow sun cushions, navigation lights, bench with folding backrest, automatic bilge pump, objects holder, Redan hull HIS, white hull, bathing ladder, stainless steel handrails, external tapestry and mechanical steering. With the multiple optional accessories offered by this model you can set the boat of your dreams.

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