Astondoa Coupe

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Astondoa Coupe
Coupe line stands out for the original bow at an inverted angle, the aluminium structure of the cabins and the tiered aft deck similar to that of large vessels. Another item to highlight is that some of the parts used in the Coupe range are completely made of carbon. The interiors stand out for the quality materials (wood, fine leather and marble) and the luxurious finishes, and just like Astondoa's high-end models, customers have the option of customising the interior designs.
Astondoa 377 Coupe
Astondoa 377 Coupe
The 377 Coupé, like its predecessor the 655 Coupé, is designed for those who love sports cruising and are looking for a more daring experience on board.
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Astondoa 655 Coupe
Astondoa 655 Coupe
The 655' Coupe is the first model built within the new and exclusive range of yachts that replace Astondoa’s Open range.
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