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Regal LS6
Regal LS6
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Regal LS6

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Price from 105.800 

General characteristics

Total length
8.00 m
CE length
7.35 m
2.54 m
Fuel tank
276 l
Design category

Recommended engine

VOLVO V8-350 EVC FWC DP Catalyst (350 CV/HP)

Price from
Taxes and transport fees not included
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The remarkable Regal 25 RX is not only big on fun, but space as well. Featuring a wide cockpit, this boat is bound to accommodate friends and family with plenty of room to spare. Try the dual UltraLounges for the utmost cockpit comfort. If you’re looking to take weekend outings to the next level and be pampered every step of the way, the Regal LS6 is your ticket to the big show.

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