Ranieri RIBS

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Ranieri RIBS
​The shipyard founded in 1969 by Pietro Ranieri reflects today the best traditions of shipbuilding and craftsmanship of Italian excellence. No coincidence that the company has become a benchmark of quality, taste and Italian style in Europe. So much heart to grow a family business proud of its area of origin, proud of his years in search of a better product and proud of the goals achieved. Two generations, amount of experience and enthusiasm, who work with passion to the development of a shipyard that has been able to integrate and promote the skilled workers and expert craftsmanship at all levels of development and production. Today, the company looks to the future and offers a more complete range of boats designed and built without compromise between comfort and performance, between safety and character or between style and quality. For the most demanding enthusiasts.
Ranieri Cayman
Ranieri Cayman
Discover with us all the Ranieri rib boats of the Cayman range.
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